My Story

I’m Thomas Hig. I grew up an athletic, confident, fun, sporty kid who was very outgoing. This led me to a successful career mainly in the military.

However, it wasn’t until I was 34 years old (thinking I’d seen and done it all!) when I first had my eyes opened to the severity of mental health issues and became aware of the seriousness of it.

I witnessed first hand the effect it had on someone very close to me. My exposure to this situation created a huge trauma for me and for the first time in my life I had an experience outside of my control. In turn, this threw me into deep depression coupled with anxiety.

After a prolonged period of time, I finally found some excellent tools which didn’t just bring me back to my normal self but enabled me to become a better person. My life wasn’t bad before I experienced depression but the new belief and state of mind I came out with has led to new phenomena happening all the time. By this unforeseen circumstance I ended up becoming the person I always wanted to be!

I am now here to rid the stigma around mental health and offer every person the chance to fulfil their needs and reach their full potential by following a few certain steps.

My aim is to share as much knowledge and information as possible not just to help people overcome mental health issues but to prevent them before they take over.